Wednesday, February 11, 2009

E100 Bishop & Co.

This 1911 issue issued by Bishop & Company consists of 30 cards representing teams in the Pacific Coast League, five players each from the San Francisco, Portland, Sacramento, Oakland, Vernon and Los Angeles teams.

The cards are tobacco sized and were issued with green, blue, yellow, red and purple backgrounds.

My interest is in the San Francisco team. Pictured here are Mohler, Powell, Tennant and Sutor. This team subset is only missing the very elusive and very expensive Buck Weaver.

This 1911 set designated E100 in the American Card Catalog followed the 1910 E99 set issued by Bishop & Company. The cards can be differentiated by the Company name on the reverse of the E100’s not appearing on the E99’s. Two types of E100 were issued and the cards are commonly designated as E100 Type I and E100 Type II. The Type II variation are blank backed; were issued only with green and orange backgrounds; and have different captioning.

Bishop & Company also issued a five team set of team cards designated as E221. These are extremely rare.

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