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1910 Chicago White Sox


A fellow collector recently picked up a nice Chicago White Sox postcard. Knowing that I had an interest in postcards he offered it to me. The postcard is postally used having been mailed March 24, 1910 from Los Angeles. While the card was mailed in 1910 that doesn't necessarily determine whether it is the 1910 team or possibly an earlier team.

I have been able to definitively date the team to 1910 through a couple of identifications. First is Shano Collins (back row, third from the right). Collins' first year with the White Sox was 1910 as he was with the Springfield, MA Connecticut League team in 1909. The second id is of Manager Hugh Duffy (seated in the bottom row in street clothes, third from the right). Duffy's first year as Manager was 1910.

After determining that it is in fact the 1910 team the next, and hardest part of the analysis, was to identify as many of the players as possible. Researching through the internet and use of the 1911 Spalding Guide (which covered the 1910 season of baseball) I have been able to identify eight of the players appearing on the card. This will be a work in progress and will be updated as I am able to get identifications of more players. Any help would be appreciated.

The unidentified (so far)

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1906 World Series

Chicago White Sox versus the Chicago Cubs.

White Sox win the series 4 games to 2.

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Updated June 1, 2009

PCL Hall of Famer Dom DiMaggio dies May 7, 2009 at age 92.

Rest in Peace Dom

The Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame was created in 1936 by the Helms Athletic Foundation in Los Angeles, California. In 1952, the PCL Hall of Fame ceased operation. It was reactivated in conjunction with 2003’s Pacific Coast League Centennial Celebration.

There are greats like DiMaggio in the PCL Hall of Fame. Most are players whose careers shined best and brightest in the PCL and several went on to have Major League careers.

Below I have listed those inducted into the PCL as players. I have omitted those few who were inducted as Executives, Managers and one Umpire.

Over the course of time I will be adding links as I obtain cards upon which the players are depicted. I will also be adding interesting Stat Facts for the players. While many of the cards shown are in my personal collection some, those marked with an *, are not.

Special thanks to Frank Wakefield for his contribution of many scans.

The 2009 Class of inductees has just been announced. They are Earl Averill, Frank Demaree and Johnny Moore.


Arlett, Russell "Buzz" (1899-1964)
Stat Facts: Considered best switch hitter in minor league history with .341 lifetime BA and 432 HR.

Averill, Howard Earl (1902-1983)
Stat Facts: In 2009 Earl joined Joe DiMaggio, Ernie Lombardi and Paul Waner as a member of both the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame.

Barrett, Tracy Souter "Kewpie Dick" (1906-1966)
Stat Facts: 20 game winner 7 times from 1935 through 1942 with Seattle Rainiers.

Basinski, Edwin Frank "Professor" (1922-
Stat Facts: Played in the PCL 1947 through 1959. Final year BA (.301) was highest during his career. Stats do not justify inclusion in the PCL Hall of Fame. (IMHO).

Bassler, John Landis (1895-1979)
Stat Facts: Batted .365 as a member of the 1929 Hollywood Stars a team that hit .311 for the season.

Baum, Charles Adrian "Spider" (1882-1955)
Stat Facts: Star pitcher (30-15) for the 1915 pennant wining San Francisco Seals.

Bernier, Carlos "The Comet" (1927-1989)
Stat Facts: Three time PCL stolen base leader (1952, 1955 and 1956).

Bilko, Stephen Thomas "Stout" (1928-1978)
Stat Facts: Los Angeles Angels (PCL) MVP three years running 1955, 1956 and 1957.

Boone, Isaac Morgan "Ike" (1897-1958)
Stat Facts: Career .370 BA. 323 hits in 1929. Triple Crown ( .407, 55 HR, 218 RBI).

Brazill, Frank Leo (1899-1976)
Stat Facts: 1925 BA (.394) second only to the .401 posted by Hall of Famer Paul Waner.

Brovia, Joseph John "Ox" (1922-1994)
Stat Facts: Minor League career began in 1940 at age 18. After a three year stint in the military during WWII Joe returned to the PCL building a respectable .311 lifetime BA.
1953_Mothers_Cookies *

Crandall, James Otis "Doc" (1887-1951)
Stat Facts: In 1918 Doc pitched 8 2/3 scoreless innings only to lose the no hitter by giving up a hit to his brother Karl.

Crosetti, Frank Peter Joseph (1910-2002)
Stat Facts: While only playing four years in the PCL Frank had an impressive .322 BA in 652 games played. His ability was recognized by the New York Yankees and he went on to play 17 seasons for the Yankees between 1932 and 1948.

Dell, William George "Wheezer" (1886-1966)
Stat Facts: League leading 28 pitching victories in 1921.

Demaree, Joseph "Frank" (1910-1958)
Stat Facts: 1934 Batting Champ (.383). Home run Champ 1934 (45).

Dillon, Frank "Cap" "Pop" (1873-1931)
Stat Facts: Played 14 seasons (1902-1915) all, with the exception of two seasons, with the Los Angeles Angels. Early pioneer from the inception of the PCL in 1903.

DiMaggio, Dominic "Dom" "The Little Professor" (1917-2009)
Stat Facts: Three years in the PCL with San Francisco (1937-1939). BA .326 attracted Boston Red Sox who signed him in 1940 and where he played for eleven seasons taking three years out for service in WWII.

DiMaggio, Joseph Paul, Jr. "Joltin Joe" "The Yankee Clipper" (1914-1999)
Stat Facts: Four years in the PCL with San Francisco (1932-1935). Stellar BA .361 moved him right up the the majors where he played thirteen seasons with the New York Yankees also taking out three years for WWII service. Holds consecutive game hit records in both the PCL (61) and major leagues (56).

Eagan, Charles Eugene "Truck" (1877-1949)
Stat Facts: PCL home run leader 1903, 1904 and 1905. Batting champ in 1907 with Tacoma Tigers.

Eckhardt, Oscar George "Ox" (1901-1951)
Stat Facts: .367 lifetime BA. Batting titles in 1931, 1932, 1933 (.414) and 1935. BA in 1933 stands as the all time PCL record.

Ellison, Herbert Spencer "Babe" (1896-1955)
Stat Facts: Mainstay of the San Francisco Seals 1921-1926 with BA .358 in 1923 and .381 in 1924.

Eldred, Ross "Brick" (1892-unk)
Stat Facts: Lifetime .327 BA over 15 seasons in the minors. Never played in the majors. Starred in the PCL 1918 through 1927 with the Sacramento and Seattle teams.

Frederick, John Henry (1902-1977)
Stat Facts: Lifetime .323 BA. Played with Salt Lake, Sacramento and Portland . Played for Brooklyn Dodgers 1928 through 1934 with BA of .308. Returned to the PCL in 1935 and played five more seasons with Portland.

Freitas, Antonio "Tony" (1908-1994)
Stat Facts: Over 23 year minor league career he won 342 games including 228 in the PCL.

French, Raymond Edward (1895-1978)
Stat Facts: 28 year minor league career from 1914 through 1941! Played for Seattle, Portland, Vernon and Sacramento. In 12,174 at bats he clobbered 46 home runs.

Gibson, Samuel Braxton (1899-1983)
Stat Facts: 307 game winner over 23 minor league seasons. Six time 20+ game winner and twice 19 game winner. PCL 1931 through 1944 all but one season with San Francisco.

Gray, William Denton "Dolly" (1878-1956)
Stat Facts: League leading 32 pitching victories in 1907.

Gregg, Sylveanus Augustus "Vean" (1885-1964)
Stat Facts: 32-10 in 1910. 14 shutouts and 376 strikeouts.


Gyselman, Richard Ronald "The Thin Man" (1908-1990)
Stat Facts: Thirteen year career in the PCL 1934-1947 with Seattle and San Diego. Lifetime BA .301.

Haney, Fred Girard "Pudge" (1898-1977)
Stat Facts: Sixteen minor league seasons spread between 1918 and 1938, eight of which were in the PCL. Seven years of major league experience and ten years of major league managerial experience with the St. Louis Browns (1939-1941), Pittsburgh Pirates (1953-1955) and Milwaukee Braves ( 1956-1959).


Hannah, James Harrison "Truck" (1889-1982)
Stat Facts: Twenty year career in the PCL; Sacramento and Missions in 1914; Salt Lake (1915-1917); Vernon (1921-1924); and Los Angeles (1925-1938). New York Yankees (1918-1920). Best year BA .346 in 1923.

Henley, Clarence "Cack" (1885-1929)
Stat Facts: League leading 35 pitching victories in 1910. 31 victories in 1909 with San Francisco. 226 Career wins in 11 minor league seasons.

1911_Zeenut 1912_Zeenut

Hitt, Roy Wesley "Rhino" (1884-1956)
Stat Facts: 25-14 in 1905 and 31-12 in 1906 for San Francisco. 20+ game winner five consecutive years 1919-1914 for the Vernon Team.

1911_Zeenut 1911_Obak 1912_Zeenut

Hogan, Wallace Louis (Born Wallace Louis Bray) "Happy" (1877-1915)
Stat Facts: Fourteen year PCL career 1903-1915. Another of the early pioneers from the inception of the PCL in 1903. Happy must have been an outstanding fielder as his lifetime BA was a pitiful .186. Died in May, 1915. Appeared in one game.


1910_Obak *


Holder, Richard Brooks (1914-
Stat Facts: Seven .300+ BA seasons with San Francisco, Oakland, Hollywood and Portland teams 1935 through 1951.


Hufft, Irvin Victor "Fuzzy" (1901-1973)
Stat Facts: Twelve minor league seasons, seven with the Seattle, Misson and Oakland PCL teams. .311, .355, .371, .379, .356, and .343 string BA 1926 through 1931.

Jacobs, William Elmer (1892-1958)
Stat Facts: 11-12 pitching record with the Chicago Cubs in 1924. 167 wins in the PCL for the Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco teams during a nine year period 1921-1931.





Jolley, Smead (1902-1991)
Stat Facts: .366 lifetime BA. Triple Crown winner in 1927 ( .397 BA, 33 HR, 163 RBI ).



Kelleher, Francis Eugene (1916-1979)
Stat Facts: Played with the Hollywood team 1944-1954. Lifetime 18 years of minor league play with 358 HR.

Killefer, Wade "Red" (1887-1960)
Stat Facts: PCL 1917-1927 with Los Angeles and Seattle teams. .295 BA over seventeen minor league seasons. Major league experience with Detroit, Washington, Cincinnati and New York (NL) 1907-1916.


Krause, Harry William "Moose" (1888-1940)
Stat Facts: 300-249 record over 20 year minor league career, 17 with the Portland, Oakland and Mission PCL teams. While with Philadelphia Athletics (1908-1911) Krause had an 18-8 record in 1909 at the age of 20. ERA of 1.39 was lowest in the American League.


Liska, Adolph Joseph "Ad" (1906-1998)
Stat Facts: Fourteen year (1936-1949) PCL career with Portland with 199-165 record. Won 248 games over 21 minor league years of play.

Lodigiani, Dario (1916-
Stat Facts: Entered PCL with Oakland team in 1935 at age 18. BA .395 in 38 at bats. Lifetime .298 BA over fourteen years in the minors.





1979_Diamond_Greats *

Lombardi, Ernie "Schnoz" (1908-1977)
Stat Facts: Ernie lasted a scant five seasons in the PCL (1926-1930) slugging an impressive .367 BA. Following the PCL he had a seventeen year Major League career and was National League MVP in 1938.

1930_Zeenut *



Luby, Hugh Max "Hal" (1913-1986)
Stat Facts: 23 year minor league career with .296 lifetime BA. Ten years in the PCL with Oakland and San Francisco (1938-1948).

McCredie, Walter Henry "Judge" (1876-1934)
Stat Facts: Walt had his only major league experience with Brooklyn in 1903 hitting an impressive .324 in 56 games. From there he completed his baseball career with Portland of the PCL (1904-1917).


1910_Obak *




Moore, John Francis "Johnny" (1902-1991)
Stat Facts: Eleven seasons with Los Angeles (1930-1945). Major league experience (1931-1937). .307 lifetime BA in the majors and .317 in the PCL.

Mulligan, Edward Joseph (1894-1982)
Stat Facts: Eighteen seasons in the PCL (1919-1938) with Salt Lake, San Francisco, Mission, Hollywood, Seattle, Portland and San Diego teams. 2,936 lifetime hits with .285 BA.

Norbert, Theodore Joseph (1908-1991)
Stat Facts: Lifetime .306 BA with 313 home runs with San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Victoria teams (1935-1948). No major league experience.


O'Doul, Frank "Lefty" (1897-1969)
Stat Facts: Very impressive .352 lifetime BA in the PCL with San Francisco, Salt Lake, Hollywood and Vancouver teams during fifteen AA seasons. Eleven season in the majors with .349 BA. Hit league leading .398 in 1929 and .368 in 1932. Why he isn't also in the National Baseball Hall of Fame is beyond me.







Pillette, Herman Polycarp "Old Folks" (1896-1960)
Stat Facts: Played a record twenty three (23) years in the PCL.


Prim, Raymond Lee "Pop" (1906-1995)
Stat Facts: 168-115 record in eleven PCL seasons with Albany of the IL League and Los Angeles of the PCL. Five 20+ win seasons.

Raimondi, William Louis "Billy" (1913-
Stat Facts: Twenty seasons (1933-1953) in PCL primarily with Oakland Oaks. Lifetime .276 BA.


1948_Signal_Gasoline *

1953_Mothers_Cookies *

Rapp, Earl Wellington (1921-1992)
Stat Facts: 1955 RBI League leader (133).


Reese, James Herman "Jimmie" (1901-1994)
Stat Facts: Fourteen seasons in the PCL with Oakland and Los Angeles. With the Yankees 1930 and 1931. Was Babe Ruth's roommate. Interesting that both Jimmie and the Babe have the same middle name.


Ryan, John Budd "Buddy" (1885-1956)
Stat Facts: 1911 Batting champ (.333) and home run champ (23).


Salveson, John Theodore "Jack" (1914-1974)
Stat Facts: 204 gane winner in fourteen seasons (1936-1953) with Los Angeles, Hollywood, Sacramento, Oakland, Portland and San Diego of the PCL. Five years of major league experience with a 9-9 record.

Schuster, William Charles "Broadway Bill" (1912-1987)
Stat Facts: .279 lifetime BA in sixteen minor league seasons. With Chicago Cubs 1943-1945. One batting appearance in the 1945 World Series.

Sheely, Earl Homer "Whitey" (1893-1952)
Stat Facts: Led League in 1930 with .403 BA and 180 RBI.


Shellenback, Frank Victor (1898-1969)
Stat Facts: Nineteen PCL seasons (1920-1938) with Vernon, Sacramento, Hollywood and San Diego. 825 games averaging 44 games a season. Lifetime BA .269. Other than longevity it's hard to see how he could be in the Hall of Fame. Was a member of the 1918 and 1919 Chicago White Sox. (Edit: I overlooked the fact that Frank was an outstanding pitcher and surely a deserving member of the PCL Hall of Fame. See comments below)

Statz, Arnold John "Jigger" (1897-1988)
Stat Facts: Now here's a true Hall of Famer! Eighteen seasons with Los Angeles 1920 to 1942. Lifetime BA .315 with 3356 hits. Major league experience with the Cubs and Dodgers.

Strand, Paul Edward (1893-1974)
Stat Facts: Batting Champ 1922 (.384) and 1923 (.394).

Sweeney, William Joseph (1904-1957)
Stat facts: Lifetime .314 BA in twelve PCL seasons with Portland, Hollywood and Los Angeles. Played in 308 games with Detroit and Red Sox teams 1928, 1930-1931.

Thomas, Fay Wesley "Scow" (1903-1990)
Stat Facts: 28-4 record with Los Angeles in 1934. 23-12 in 1937. 18-8 in 1938. Fifteen PCL seasons with 2744 innings pitched.

Turpin, Harold "Hal" (1903-1997)
Stat Facts: 23-10, 23-11, 20-6 and 23-9 (1939-1942) with Seattle. 271-203 lifetime record with 3.04 ERA in twenty seasons.



Uhalt, Bernard "Frenchy" (1910-2004)
Stat Facts: Eighteen PCL seasons with Oakland, Hollywood and San Francisco. Lifetime .300 BA with 32 home runs in 9,361 at bats.

Vitt, Oscar Joseph "Ossie" (1890-1963)
Stat Facts: 1910 and 1911 with San Francisco. 1922 to 1929 with Salt Lake and Hollywood. .301 lifetime BA. Ten major league years with Detroit and the Red Sox 1912-1921.



Waner, Paul Glee (1903-1965)
Stat Facts: League leading BA 1925 (.401).

1934_M114 1961_Fleer

West, Max Edward (1916-2003)
Stat Facts: RBI leader 1947 (124) and 1949 (166). 1952 home run champ ((48).

1953_Mothers_Cookies *

Wilson, Arthur Lee "Artie" (1920-
Stat Facts: .312 lifetime BA in ten years in the minor leagues. (1949-1957). Played in 19 games with the New York Giants in 1951.

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1904 New York Giants Season Pass

During the last decade of the 19th Century the new York Giants baseball team was owned by Andrew Freeman. Despite having some star players the team languished near the bottom of the standings. Freeman went through twelve managers from 1894 through 1902 when he hired John McGraw. In 1903 Freeman sold the team to John T. Brush. The rest is history.

Under McGraw the Giants dominated the National League for some three decades with ten pennant wins, eleven seconds and World Series wins in 1905, 1921 and 1922.

Brush died in 1912 and Harry Hempstead became the new owner. Hempstead was married to Brush’s daughter. Pictured here from my collection is a 1904 Season Pass issued to Brush’s grandson John B. Hempstead.

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Here are a few more Sporting News Supplement Hall of Famers from my collection. The pictures can be enlarged just by clicking on the image. Pictured are:

Grover Cleveland Alexander
Frank "Home Run" Baker
Charles "Chief" Bender
Mordecai "Three Fingers" Brown
Clark Griffith
Ban Johnson
Connie Mack


Between July 22, 1909 and December 11, 1913 the Sporting News included with it weekly publication a baseball supplement commonly referred to as Sporting News Supplements M101-2. The supplements measure approximately 8" by 10" and are sepia in color. There are 100 in the set. Pictured here is the "famous" double play combo of the Chicago Cubs. Joe Tinker at short, Johnny Evers at second and Frank Chance at first. All three are members of the baseball Hall of Fame.

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Ten Million (1889 - 1964) was a minor league baseball player who played in the Northwestern League in the early 1900’s. He is best known for his unusual name. He appears with the Victoria team of the Northwestern League on his 1911 Obak card (T212-3) pictured to the right.

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Michael Riley "Doc" Powers (1870-1909)

On April 12, 1909, Powers was injured during the first game played in Philadelphia's Shibe Park while chasing a foul pop-up. He sustained internal injuries from the collision and died from complications two weeks later. It is thought that he was the first Major Leaguer to suffer a fatal on-field injury. The only other player to die from an on-field incident was Ray Chapman in 1920.

I'm looking to acquire this postcard pictured below. If anyone can help please email me at


My Wantlist. Current as of May 10, 2009

1906 Sporting Life Postcard of Detroit Tigers

1906 Ullman Postcards, 1905 New York Giants World Champions Harry (Henry) Mathewson

1909 Obak T212-1 Eagan

1907 Grignon Chicago Cubs Postcards

1911 Zeenuts Bernard, Bohen, Fullerton and Halla

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Most everyone is familiar with the Black Sox scandal where eight Chicago White Sox players were alleged to have taken money to throw the 1919 World Series. Most infamous among the eight were Shoeless Joe Jackson, Buck Weaver and Eddie Cicotte. The full story is set out in Eliot Asinof’s book Eight Men Out. These players along with Hal Chase have been the subject of much research and writings. There are however other interesting stories of lesser known players who have run afoul of organized baseball and have found themselves on the outs.

First we have Joe Gedeon. Often referred to as the “Ninth Man Out” Joe was banned permanently for "having guilty knowledge" of the World Series fix. Joe Gedeon is pictured on his 1915 Zeenut card.

Next we have Babe Borton. Babe came into the majors with the Chicago White Sox in 1912 hitting a very respectable .371 in 105 at-bats. The next year he was traded to the Yankees and ended his major league career in the in the Federal League. Following his major league stint Babe played in the Pacific Coast League playing for theVenice and Vernon teams. During the 1919 season, it was rumored that opposing players had been bribed to insure Vernon the pennant. Babe, along with Harl Maggart and Bill Rumler and pitchers Tom Seaton of Portland and Casey Smith of San Francisco were expelled from the league for suspected activities in the scandal. Rumler received a pardon from Organized Baseball in 1928, and finished out his career playing for the Hollywood Stars.

Babe Borton is pictured here on his 1919 Zeenut card.

Harl Maggert is pictured here on his 1917 Zeenut card.

Casey Smith is pictured here in his 1919 Zeenut card.

Bill Rumler is pictured here on his 1929 Zeenut card.

Tom Seaton is pictured here on his 1911 Zeenut card.

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Up for sale is a rarely offered W600 Sporting Life Cabinet of John O'Brien. This card has been graded SGC 30 by Sports Guaranty, LLC. Downgraded from ex/mt appearance due to dime sized paper loss on reverse. It shows him as a member of the Boston American League team. While W600 cabinets were issued between 1902 and 1911 this card can be dated to 1903 as that was his only year with Boston. The card is crease free with only minor softening at the corners.

Click to enlarge.

I am offering this card at $775.00. ***SOLD***

Paypal accepted and shipping is free.

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T206 Southern Leaguers

In the T206 set there is a subset of 48 cards of players commonly known as Southern Leaguers. The cards were issued with three different backs; Piedmont 350; Old Mill; and Hindu. Of the three, Hindu backed cards are the rarest and most sought out by collectors.

A while ago I was fortunate to win a lot of 16 Southern League cards in a major auction. Over the course of the next few months I sold off most to other collectors. Shown here is that lot of Hindu backed T206 Southern League cards.

Christy Mathewson, Author

Enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame in its inaugural year (1936) Christopher “Christy” Mathewson (1880-1925) was one of the greatest pitchers of all time. As he began to close in on the end of his baseball career, he began a new life as an author. He wrote children’s books on baseball.

A list of his works:

Won in the Ninth (1910)
A.J. Bodmer Company, New York

Pitching In a Pinch (Boy Scout Edition) (1912)
Grosset & Dunlap, New York

Pitcher Pollock (1914)
Grosset & Dunlap, New York

Catcher Craig (1915)
Grosset & Dunlap, New York

First Base Faulkner (1916)
Grosset & Dunlap, New York

Second Base Sloan (1917)
Grosset & Dunlap, New York

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Pacific Coast Biscuit Company

In 1911 the Pacific Coast Biscuit Company of Portland, Oregon issued two series of player cards representing the six teams in the Pacific Coast League. Unlike the E100 cards issued by Bishop & Company during the same year this series of cards have 12 players from each team.

The cards are designated D310 and D311 in the American Card Catalog. The D310’s measure 2 ½” by 4 ¼” and are larger than the D311’s which are tobacco card size.
The cards differ too in that the D310’s have a grayish tone while the D311’s are pastel colored. Checklists appear on the backs for both issues.

While one might think that since are both 72 card sets issued by the same company in the same year that the represented players would be the same this is not the case. For example Buck Weaver appears in D310 but not in D311. It is possible that the D311 may be a 1912 issue rather than a 1911 issue as Weaver went to the Chicago White Sox in 1912 and that may explain his absence from the set. I’ll save that theory for another post at a later time.

E100 Bishop & Co.

This 1911 issue issued by Bishop & Company consists of 30 cards representing teams in the Pacific Coast League, five players each from the San Francisco, Portland, Sacramento, Oakland, Vernon and Los Angeles teams.

The cards are tobacco sized and were issued with green, blue, yellow, red and purple backgrounds.

My interest is in the San Francisco team. Pictured here are Mohler, Powell, Tennant and Sutor. This team subset is only missing the very elusive and very expensive Buck Weaver.

This 1911 set designated E100 in the American Card Catalog followed the 1910 E99 set issued by Bishop & Company. The cards can be differentiated by the Company name on the reverse of the E100’s not appearing on the E99’s. Two types of E100 were issued and the cards are commonly designated as E100 Type I and E100 Type II. The Type II variation are blank backed; were issued only with green and orange backgrounds; and have different captioning.

Bishop & Company also issued a five team set of team cards designated as E221. These are extremely rare.

The Checklist:

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T209 Contentnea Color Series

One of my favorite early 20th Century sets is this 16 card set issued by Contentnea Cigarettes. Picturing players in the Virginia, Carolina Association and Eastern Carolina Leagues teams from Goldsboro, Wilson, Raleigh, Rocky Mount, Greensboro and Winston Salem in North Carolina and Spartanburg in South Carolina are represented. While the cards purport to include players of the Virginia League none do.

The pictured cards are from my collection. This is a set I'll work on in the coming years.

There is also a black and white series of T209 Contentnea designated T209-2.


The Checklist:


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T207 Frank "Wildfire" Schulte

1912 Recruit Little Cigars Frank Schulte, Chicago Cubs, For Sale.

Graded SGC 70 Ex+ by Sportscard Guaranty LLC. Offered for $325.00