Sunday, May 10, 2009

1910 Chicago White Sox


A fellow collector recently picked up a nice Chicago White Sox postcard. Knowing that I had an interest in postcards he offered it to me. The postcard is postally used having been mailed March 24, 1910 from Los Angeles. While the card was mailed in 1910 that doesn't necessarily determine whether it is the 1910 team or possibly an earlier team.

I have been able to definitively date the team to 1910 through a couple of identifications. First is Shano Collins (back row, third from the right). Collins' first year with the White Sox was 1910 as he was with the Springfield, MA Connecticut League team in 1909. The second id is of Manager Hugh Duffy (seated in the bottom row in street clothes, third from the right). Duffy's first year as Manager was 1910.

After determining that it is in fact the 1910 team the next, and hardest part of the analysis, was to identify as many of the players as possible. Researching through the internet and use of the 1911 Spalding Guide (which covered the 1910 season of baseball) I have been able to identify eight of the players appearing on the card. This will be a work in progress and will be updated as I am able to get identifications of more players. Any help would be appreciated.

The unidentified (so far)


  1. Excellent image Steve. Congrats on the pick-up & research.

  2. Great Blog. Nice Blog. I love reading anything that I can about the Black Sox.

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