Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1911 Zeenut Players Identified

With the invaluable help of Baseball-Reference.com I have identified each of the 121 different players depicted in the 1911 Pacific Coast League Zeenut set. While the basic set contains 122 cards one card has a variation: Ryan appears with "name in box" and without. Many of the cards have variations of size of the image appearing thereon raising the number of "different" cards to almost 150. The "basic" set however is 122 cards.

Three players are incorrectly named on their respective cards. Kerns is Kern; Krueger is Kruger; and Melchoir is Melchior. Another card with the player identified as Discoll was corrected to his actual name of Driscoll.

My set can be viewed on my PhotoBucket site here:


Here are the players:

Abbott, Harry Frederick
Ables, Harry Terrell
Agnew, James R.
Akin, Roy Benjamin
Arellanes, Frank Julian
Arlett, Alexander Benjamin "Pop"
Barry, John C. "Shad"
Baum, Charles Adrian "Spider"
Bernard, Curtis Henry
Berry, Claude Elzy
Bohen, Leo Ignatius
Brackenridge, John Givler
Brashear, Roy Parks
Brown, Drummond Nicol
Browning, Frank
Burrell, Lennius O.
Byram, Herbert Fulton
Carlisle, Walter
Carman, Fred Adelbert
Carson, Albert James
Castleton, Royal Eugene
Chadbourne, Chester James
Christian, John Tyler
Couchman, Robert Macbeth
Coy, Bert Marvin
Criger, Elmer Floyd
Cutshaw, George William
Daley, Thomas Francis
Danzig, Harold Paul
Delhi, Lee William
Delmas, Bert Russell
Dillon, Frank Edward
Driscoll, Milton Francis "Babe"
Dulin, Clifford Michael
Fanning, Charles Ambers
Fitzgerald, John Patrick
Flater, John William
French, Asa A.
Fullerton, Charles
Gleason, William J.
Gregory, Howard Watterson
Halla, John Arthur
Harkness, Frederick Harvey
Heitmuller, William Frederick
Henley, Clarence T.
Hetling, August Julius
Hiester, Elwood Clinton
Hitt, Roy Wesley
Hoffman, Harry C. "Izzy"
Hogan, Wallace Louis "Happy"
Holland, Joseph G.
Hosp, Franz Philip
Howard, Ivan Chester
Kane, John Francis
Kerns (Kern, Henry B.)
Kilroy, Orville
Knight, Grover Cleveland
Koestner, Elmer Joseph
Krueger (Kruger, Arthur Theodore)
Kuhn, Charles Walter
LaLonge, Lewis W.
Lerchen, Bertram Roe
Leverenz, Walter Fred
Lewis, James J.
Lindsay, William Gibbons
Lober, Elmer
Madden, Thomas Joseph
Maggert , Harl Vestin
Mahoney, Christopher John
Martinoni, Elmer
McArdle, Harry
McCredie, Walter Henry
McDonnell, Clarence C.
McKune, William D.
Meikle, Willard
Melchoir (Melchior, Henry)
Metzger, George
Miller, Frank Lee
Mitze, Carl A.
Mohler, Ernest Follette "Kid"
Moore, Charles Wesley
Moskiman, William Bankhead
Murray, Thomas
Naylor, Arthur
Nebinger, Richard
Nourse, Chester Linwood
Noyes, Winfield Charles
O'Rourke, Joseph Leo, Sr.
Patterson, Hamilton (Vernon)
Patterson, Lorenzo Clare (Oakland)
Pearce, William Charles
Peckinpaugh, Roger Thorpe
Pernoll, Henry Huston
Pfyl, Meinhard Charles
Powell, Walter Beatty
Raleigh, John Austin
Rapps, William H.
Rodgers, Wilbur Kincaid
Ryan, John Budd (Portland) (Box)
Ryan, John Budd (Portland) (No Box)
Ryan, Walter (San Francisco)
Seaton, Thomas Gordon
Shaw, Royal N.
Sheehan, Thomas P.
Shinn, James Elmer
Smith, Arthur (SF)
Smith, Hugh L. (LA)
Steen, William John
Stewart, Harry L.
Stinson, George C.
Sutor, Harry Richard
Tennant, Thomas Francis
Thomas, Chester David
Thompson, Cecil
Thornton, Frank Joseph
Tiedeman, John
Van Buren, Edward Eugene
Vitt, Oscar Joseph
Wares, Clyde Ellsworth
Weaver, George Daniel
Wolverton, Harry Sterling
Zacher, Elmer Henry
Zamloch, Carol Eugene

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