Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pacific Coast Biscuit Company

In 1911 the Pacific Coast Biscuit Company of Portland, Oregon issued two series of player cards representing the six teams in the Pacific Coast League. Unlike the E100 cards issued by Bishop & Company during the same year this series of cards have 12 players from each team.

The cards are designated D310 and D311 in the American Card Catalog. The D310’s measure 2 ½” by 4 ¼” and are larger than the D311’s which are tobacco card size.
The cards differ too in that the D310’s have a grayish tone while the D311’s are pastel colored. Checklists appear on the backs for both issues.

While one might think that since are both 72 card sets issued by the same company in the same year that the represented players would be the same this is not the case. For example Buck Weaver appears in D310 but not in D311. It is possible that the D311 may be a 1912 issue rather than a 1911 issue as Weaver went to the Chicago White Sox in 1912 and that may explain his absence from the set. I’ll save that theory for another post at a later time.

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