Friday, January 23, 2009

Chicago Detroit 1907 World Series Postcards

These postcards were issued by the A.C Dietsche Company in conjunction with the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers in 1907.

The first series of 16 Detroit cards was issued in 1907 followed up with a series of 22 cards in 1908 and finally an additional 4 cards in 1909. The only series of Chicago cards numbering 15 was issued in 1907 and since the cards were only distributed in the Detroit area are scarcer than the Tigers issue. Many collectors consider the Detroit collection complete with the 1907 series making it, with some exception, a fairly easy set to put together. The only rarity is the Cobb fielding card.

These black and white postcards are favorites with collectors. The Tigers because of Ty Cobb, Hughie Jennings and Sam Crawford, the three Hall of Fame players in the set and the Cubs because of Mordecai “Three Fingers” Brown, Frank Chance, Johnny Evers and Joe Tinker, the four Hall of Fame players in the set. Orval Overall is pictured above.

Many checklists for the Tigers 1907 series incorrectly list a two player card picturing Schaefer and O’Leary. Conventional wisdom is that such a card does not exist.

The cards pictured below provide an example of each of the three Detroit series. Mullin as a series 1 card though he also appears in series 2; Stanage a series 2 only card; and Works a series 3 only card.


  1. I found a postcard with the 1907 champion tigers full team in a box of stuff my grandmother gave me and it depicts the entire team. It is in great condition for being over 100 years old but we don't know how much it's worth so if anyone knows or is interested in it e-mail me at or contact me through my website below and I can send you pictures or whatever you need to appraise it. It's a very cool item and I'm sure it would be a nice addition to someone's collection we are just clueless about it and it does us no good sitting in a chest so we want to sell it to someone who can appreciate it. Thanks

  2. I have a 1908 post card with an action pose of Frank Chance which I found in my grandmother's old things after she died. I have been offered $350.00 from a local vintage base ball card collector and $50.00 from a collecter in Houston,but have hot sold, as I have no idea what it's value is. It was sent from one of my relatives to his future wife and has a message on the back regarding how Chicago is base ball "mad" over the aproaching world series between Chicago and Detroit.

    I would be glad to sell this postcard to a serious collector. I will send a front/back photo if requested. My e-mail address is:

    Jackie Cooper
    Overland Park, Kansas

  3. My family has had a vintage oil painting commissioned in the late 1930's of Tinkers, Evers and Chance. The painting is almost 60 inches wide and 30 inches height. It shows the three faces of the players with their names underneath. We have had offers from Cooperstown and several private bars near Wrigley for the piece. We might be looking to sell the piece to someone privately who may enjoy the pre-war cubs.