Friday, January 30, 2009

E & S Publishing Company Postcards

As late as 2006 only ten cards from this very rare 1914 postcard set had been catalogued. Since then the number has risen to 18. It is expected that more are to be found.

Issued by the E & S. Publishing Company the fronts of each card have a portrait or action drawing with a number of cartoon-like drawings around.

Pictured here is the my card of Frank Chance from that set.
Most recent checklist:

"Jimmie" Archer
Frank Baker
Joe Benz
George Burns
Frank Chance
Ty Cobb
Miller Huggins
Joe Jackson
Walter P. Johnson
James Lavender
Richard (Rube) Marquard
Christy Mathewson
Cornelius McGillicudy
John J. McGraw
"Tex" Russell
Frank Schulte
Jim Scott
Art Wilson

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